Triple Scale is an independent video game startup created in Montreal in March 2017 


We believe in the power of games to create social connections and intense emotions. We want people to share new interactive experiences.

We do that by focusing on multiplayer features and making our games easy to play and hard to master. We want to create innovative universes for skilled gamers looking for challenges in cooperative and competitive video games.


Frederic Bohn : Founder & Programmer

Fred is a passionate and multi-talented developer with a lot of experience at making games. He worked on AAA (Deux-Ex, Avengers) and indie companies. He has a strong experience with the game engine Unreal 4. Programming is his specialty but he has also artistic skills (game design, level design). linkedin logo

Renato Reboucas : Art Director

Renato is an experienced art director who worked at Gameloft, he is in charge of the character design, modelizations, animations, texturing and lighting. He is also used to produce visual content for marketing purposes. linkedin logo

Isabela Pedrosa : Marketing Consultant

Isabela is responsible for the marketing and public relations because of her previous experience in community management, journalism, and communication. She focuses on the marketing strategy and also helps with the project management and customer service. linkedin logo

Christophe Deplantec : Sound Designer 

Christophe creates the sound and music of the game, he also gives a precious advises on the game design. Soundcloud


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